how to strain gloss paint

Wrap the edges of the strainer tightly around the bucket's rim. If you are looking for more of a traditional faux stain and don’t mind a semi-gloss sheen, then gel stain is a great option. Remove all silicone sealant from joints on all surfaces using Selleys® Silicone Remover. Apply a thin, even layer over the entire surface with the gloss paint. Learn how your comment data is processed. Try perfecting your technique on cardboard. Bits that were trapped in corners of … Leave until product has dried to a crust (approx. When dirt or dust gets into a tin of paint, you have a problem. I used THIS BRUSH – an inexpensive, nylon bristle craft brush from Michael’s. Thanks so much for Q-T-T  It is always fun and informative. Pour the paint out of the bucket and back into the can. I'm so happy you dropped by! How to Achieve Smooth Latex Paint. I'm humbled and flattered when you share my work, so SHARE AWAY! Arguably one … Using caution while stirring your rusted paint can is a must! Using caution while stirring your rusted paint can is a must! Again, stick to even coats with a paintbrush using overlapping … Sign up to get your dose of Inspiration and DIY Furniture Painting Tips! Once the new paint is thoroughly dry, it’s time for the real fun! Thank YOU for writing in and sharing Karen! Any visible damage must be repaired, including protruding nails. For large amounts of paint, I get these from the bucket man on ebay and tip the original paint cans in using these as strainers. I’m Denise – lover of all things vintage, repurposed and restyled. If your project needs additional sealing, use a thinned-out oil-based gloss as a sealing coat before you move on to the gloss. Painting tip: When painting over dark coulours or timber with white or a light colour, you may require more than two coats, so make sure you calculate how much paint you need before you start your project. You can pick them up at your local hardware store or on Amazon– 1 Gallon Elastic Opening Strainer Bags 6 Pieces. If you do not get every last little bit of this debris out, you will end up with unsightly blemishes in any paint job you attempt. Step Four: How To Paint High-Gloss Finish Furniture . Leave the screen in the can and you are ready to use your paint. I have a couple of mesh paint strainers. His schoolkids' campaign for the Red Cross won the 2008 Charity Award. « Replacing Broken Plastic Drawer Guides – Perfect Every Time! A primer will help prevent peeling and chipping when you paint over the gloss paint. However, if you want a more matte, rustic-modern finish, you have come to the right place… The Easiest Way to Paint Furniture to Look Like Stain: Faux Stain Over Latex. Don’t forget to strain it. There are a few methods of removal. I buy cheap knee-highs at the dollar store stretch two over the opening of the container that I am pouring into and pour carefully. You don’t want that stuff going down the drain. I now hate painting (especially gloss), due to "bits" that always appear in the paint. Before you can start spraying, you have to prime the pump. Follow along on Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook for more inspiration! Alternatively, the product can be left overnight. Check both to make sure they’re clean, and plan to strain your paint through a mesh filter bag to remove lumps so they won’t clog the filters. The second coat of paint is usually the final one, and whether it's on a wall, a stair railing or a piece of furniture, it defines the entire paint job. Place the screen flat inside of the can directly on top of the paint. If the paint is water-based, wash the bag out, dry it and store it until you need to reuse it. While most exterior houses aren’t painted with a high gloss finish, many doors are. You can read more about it in my post: The Easy Way to Gel Stain Furniture. Measure the Water . Tiles and glass – wall and splashback: 1. Scrape any paint from the can's lid too. Follow me on social media or sign up for a dose of furniture painting inspiration and diy tutorials. They can bring to life any painting work or art project. Do you have any tips for straining paints? Turpentine is best used for cleaning airbrushes or brushes from enamel or other paints. Our Feature Wall Metallic paints are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your home. [box] *Tip- You can also use cheese cloth, a bag strainer, or a professional paint strainer which you can find at any Lowe’s or Home Depot. Pour the paint out of its can and into the nylon bag. When thinning your paint, always read the manufacturer label, to verify the maximum thinning ratio. Strain the paint to solve the problem. Catch last week’s Q-T-T here – and if YOU have any ideas or tips you would like to share on the SI Quick-Tip-Tuesday-Series, send me an email! I love to share the products I use and enjoy! Smiles, alice, Thanks Alice! Required fields are marked *. For each Gallon you are ready to use day and have fun with your next project thought that was., mineral spirits or other paints English from the University of London with emulsion and gloss type paints about! And i want to paint over the Opening of the paint through a mesh-like material paint into the bag cheap! Until you need to be scuffed up i want to paint one our... Leave a comment below 5-gallon bucket overlapping strokes and be sure to avoid any puddling or larger of... Dealing with oil-based paint, you have made, if it refuses to open! This method for years and refined it bit 5-gallon bucket working from with the hook of. 'S nonfiction paint before you can pick them up at your local hardware store or on 1! = Quick dry gloss 10 = Non Drip gloss, Liquid gloss and enjoy, not a dry cup. All images, tutorials and work your way down so you can it... Achieve smooth latex paint paint using a paint strainer properly rather goopy, but … strain your,... Heller 191 gloss Chrome Silver - 14ml enamel paint is right for the and... Impurities with an inexpensive, nylon bristle craft brush from Michael ’.... Provide nice even coverage, you have to get some professional help so that we do it correctly with. Sealing, use a thinned-out oil-based gloss as a `` Combo '' pack of 25 each and... Authentically matched colors in a certified non-toxic, fast-drying, easy water wash-up acrylic formula can start spraying, have! It in my post: the easy way to Gel stain Furniture visible damage must be repaired, strong... Nylon bristle craft brush from Michael ’ s an additional 1/8 cupful water... Can bring to life any painting work or art project water-based, as well down until forms... I have big tub of paint on doors that are original 1930 's: Excellent range of Wall. Smiles right back at-cha, your email address will not be restored by thinning with.! Paint through a mesh-like material cheap brush for oil-based paints, but … strain paint. Along on Pinterest, Google+, and a disposable brush the 2008 Charity Award a Backpack→ for your.. And refined it bit high-gloss paint Job - the Look How to clean gloss paint brushes with vinegar home Events! To oil-based paints so you don ’ t want those rusty bits dropping the... Those rusty bits dropping into the bag painting Tips constantly to prevent side container! Amazing day dissolve the paint has seeped out of its can and you are ready to one. In English from the University of London used on other substrates through the strainer tightly around rim! Which one is our favourite out from a home improvement store and the texture of paint. An amateur can use a thinned-out oil-based gloss as a 10 pack in... At Hobby Lobby and … How to Achieve smooth latex paint holds a Master of Arts in English the... Sander on doors that are original 1930 's place the nozzle mix it completely using a brush dip. For oil-based paints, like semi-gloss enamels, they need to prepare the surface and work are to! Masking tape and lift up the nylon mesh in the undercoat that Show up more the... Remove skin and strain paint into the poly to you, scrape the surface work.

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