nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics

(this continued for various body parts and ended with a run thru of the entire list and a repeat of the chorus). Forehead, right eye, left eye, nose, mouth, chin, and tickle from chin to belly. that’s what they taught me when i went to school. What have I here? Nose Stinker I learned a different version from my three older sisters in the ’50s: Hands on my chest [cross hands on chest)], Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Hands on my Waist, What is that here? The rhyme was “Brow Bender” and according to Bryson it hadn’t been recorded anywhere in print since 1788. Kiss maker Eyeblinker- touch eyes nose blower Surely it means “what does this here?” So my version went: My hands on my head That’s what I learned in my school. Ours goes: Eye winker What have I here? chin chopper ( squeeze chin ) Think boxer, dinky dinky doo, Gully-gully-gully! Here is what he used to torment us kids with. Here’s one that’s been in our family through four generations along with coordinating face/head areas: Eye winker, Eye blinker (left eye, right eye) Eye (eye blink) This is my eye winker, do you hear? Head of hair (rub his head) Here sits the cock, (right cheek) Tom Tinker (other eye) Thats what I learned in my school ya ya! Jaw breaker knee bender Vas ist das dich, (or dist?) Forehead (touch the forehead) (Eye) “Brain basket Boom! Mouth eater. Dat’s vat I learned in da school, yah yah! I remember this song from summer school – we would sing in the hallway: My hand on myself, what is dis here? Brain thinker, nickie nickie do (point) and a chinchopper, chichoppe,r chin (tickles under chin). What have I here? Knee knocker Eye blinkers (eyes) Here’s where she falls (tap bridge of nose twice) Das what we learned in der schule, My dad sang me a similar German song as a child, What is this my Son what is this what is this My Danish Great Aunt sang this nursery rhyme to my kids many many times. nose blower Eye winker It was so interesting to see all the versions out there from all over the world. We used to sing this in brownies but it was a little different.. With my hands on my knees, what have I here hip-swingers Knee bender Noseblower, eyeblinker, headknocker nik nik nik new Greg: I had 4 sisters beyond the sea ... Greg: The third sent a book which no one could read ... Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo 25. My husband and I were discussing what the correct words are; seems like all are correct to me. Chin Chucker Gully, gully, gully (under the chin). I look forward to doing it with my grandchildren one day. (LAST VERSE) My hand on myself, what’s this right here, this is my boy kicker or girl kicker (toes/ foot), my Mama dear. Eye winker I am not sure why I started thinking of this song today. (which I know doesn’t make sense, but I learned it phonetically as a child and now can’t get any perspective on what it might mean, assuming it’s not just a string of nonsense). body, accompanied by gales of laughter on both sides). Beer Belly Nicky -nicky – noo …. Wingy wing wang woo. Starts out much the same as other versions listed above. I remember it from my childhood in the 50s in Cincinnati; since Cincy is an old German community, that version is the one I remember being most like what my mother sang, with the refrain being ‘inky dinky do’. The only parts i remember are (spelled as they sound to me). Chest Maker Food grinder, soup strainer, Bread Basket We do this song all the time in Canada with our Girl Guides!!! This is one reason I love the internet! Anyway, this morning the phrase ‘Was ist das hier?’ came to mind, and I wondered if the song were remembered on the Net. eye winker ringy, dingy, dingy, doo Nicky nacky nocky noo. chest protector (Tickle neck), Louse bed Here’s where he cracks his whip (bridge of nose) Nose dropper (Repeat first verse. Eye winker (right eye) The version I remember when I was a child is: Hands on myself mouth eater Stink Smeller Chin Chopper, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy! Boom! (Tickling neck/chest/stomach), As learned from my Grandmother, a girl scout troop leader. Keep Hugging and Loving!! eyeblinker, headknocker, AND eye winker Nosedropper Das is my head tinker, ya mamma dear. sweater box. The version I grew up with is this (and after reading all the others I believe I am not remembering the nose part correctly and forgot the mouth part??). Mouth eater, And then start again with Vos is dis and point to forehead, this is my sweatmaker that’s vos is dis, headdrekker, sweatmaker doodle doodle do that’s what we learned in the school in the school, then eye see you ), Bread Basket (Stomach) lip lily So then he goes on to talk about a modern day couple in London who’d spent their careers researching nursery rhymes, and one puzzle they’d discovered was that a rhyme once as popular as Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory Dock had faded into obscurity, and they didn’t know why. Head acher Eye Winker (touch one eye) wind breaker (bottom) Nose Dropper (touch nose) Chin chopper Nose Dropper(point to nose) We would all laugh just trying to keep up with pointing to each body parts although we couldnt remember the words since he sang it so fast. Giddy giddy giddy (tickles the neck). heart thumper (chest) “With my hand on my heart, what have I here – The following are the lyrics I learned: Hands on my hips, mouth eater mouth eater-touch mouth Do other people sing it or say it like a rhyme? head of hair forehead bare What is thus here Nose dropper Nose (snuff box) Nose Dripper (touch the nose) Oh momma dear (Tickle under chin). Open the door, (mouth) chest ? Repeat “my hand on myself, what is dis here….. I have also heard this one but in stead of tickle under there is is tickle every where and you just tickle the child. Belly aches What have I here? Eye Winker (touch the left eye) Here’s the Oklahoma version: Ford Bumper (forehead…and yes, like the truck.) Ours goes like this: With my head on my shoulder, was ist das hier, My Mama dear chest-protector Head Acher Tom Tinker Mouth eater Gully gully gully…. This is my hat-topper. This is my tree topper, yes mother dear My mom would say: Eye Blinker (point to other eye) My Mama dear Mouth eater (point to mouth) That what we learn in the school. chest cougher Sweet-cheek, sour-cheek eye winker Horn blower=nose chin chopper, chin chopper, chin chopper, chin (tickle under the chin), This was passed down from my great- grandfather, Mousetrap- Forehead Wife Kicker (Foot). Thats what we learn in da school YA YA! My mother’s went like this; nose wiper (obvious!) Mouth Eater Chin-chopper eye seer It has German words, but I don’t know what they are, or what they mean, so I’ll spell them as we’ve always pronounced them. I am hoping I can find the album somewhere so my kids can enjoy it. globe trotters (feet). I woke up this morning with this nursery rhyme in my head (which is weird because I don’t have kids and haven’t thought of it for years! Chinchopper, chinchopper, Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 4. Eye Winkah Mouth eater bull shiter. tomtinker foot slogger (foot) Chin cherry Floor mopper Hand on my heart what do I care this is my floor mopper(hair) my momma dear. Eye winky, Bread boxes (stomach) This is my sweatboxer* Smell sniffer, eye blinker, Breadbasket Chin Chowser (chin) Greg: And now a song from our old pal Captain Feathersword the friendly pirate Anthony: (as Captain Feathersword) Hands on my head. Eye Winker Boom! Oh momma dear Gully gully gully! This is the eye blinker my darlin, my dear Just sang this to distract my grandson as we changed his diaper. With my hands on my hips, Chin chopper=chin (slap thighs), My hand on my mustache, Air blower, apple knocker, Chin Chopper mouth eater Eye winker what have we here? Ankle bender, “Here sits the Lord Mayor and here’s his two men My dad sang a version of this song in front of a lot of my mom’s relatives and had them all rolling on the floor with laughing. Chin Chopper (point of chin) Gully gullet (neck) (pointing to hip) Horn blower Bread Basket (slap thighs), My hand on my knee, knee bender Thigh thumper So I points to myself and say “Vas is das here? Was ist dis hier? My kids grandpa always said on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 12:39 pm and is filed under Australia, Countries & Cultures, English, Finger Plays, Languages, Nursery Rhymes, Questions, Readers Questions, United Kingdom, USA. The other in actually a song. My kids love it. 3. Eye peeper sweat boxer That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my toes what is that here? This is my bread basket my teacher dear, bread basket, chest cougher, chin wagger, smell boxer, eye blinker, brain thinker nicky nacky nocky noo, that's what they taught me when I went to school With my hands on my knees, what have we here? And I find it delightful that the apparently long-forgotten Brow Bender actually persisted through my father’s family right up to me! Sweat boxer, top-notcher, yah! I’d ask her to do it for hours. Foot stomper, knee bender, Eye Blinker Vat is dis? næsetip = nose tip The lyrics are a bit different. Mouth merry. chest protector Top notcher, sweat browser, eye blinker, horn blower, soup strainer, chatter boxer, bull thrower, chin chowser, rubber necker, chest protector, bread basket, hip swingers, lap sitters, knee knockers and foot stompers. Oh Mama dear, My hand on myself This is the English West country version I know (It has a lovely tune too!) There is a version above which is about the same as mine. Tom tinker (pinch the cheek), followed by tickling under the the chin or all over with (gitcha gitcha gitcha). I remember my mother doing this to my brother and I when we were little and I have done the same to my three children. Eye winker, tom tinker, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper… gully, gully, gully (while tickling under the chin). this is my version when i grew up in the 70s, with my hand on my heart what have i here Far’d Pardah (Forhead Parter) smell boxer Nose dripping Nose, Sorry…it went before I finished 6. this is my nose sniffer my teacher dear, bread basket yah! Eye blinker What is this here? this is my brain thinker my teacher dear, Eye Winker, Tom tinker, Nose Dropper, Mouth Eater, Chin Chomper, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble ( here she would tickle under our chin), My Dad always does this one with my son: You start by saying: hand on my heart what do I care this is my (body part) my momma dear. Head-achy This is my brain boxer yeah momma dear. My Mama dear Headacher soup strainer gilly gilly gilly. rubber neck. Chinchopper chin! That’s what I learned in my school. Head Knocker. This is my headknocker mama my dear Here’s how it went: Eye winker (He’d touch my eye) My father did it in both English and low German. (pause) It progresses from the door to the top of the head, much like “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”, What is this here? … Fun and Games. My hand on my head and what is this here “my mama dear….eye blinker, eye blinker, nicky nicky nicky noo….that’s what I learned in my school – YAHOO! Soup Strainer (the channel between the nose and lips) opens the latch Moutheater I have also heard it with snot locker/ schnotlocker for the nose. Milk shaker Nose Dropper nose-dropper belly rub. (Chin) That’s what I learned in my school. I’m not finding it online, but I came across this searching for the poem my mom did when I was young (I’m in my mid 30’s now). Lap sitter, bread basket, Nose smeller Boom! GUBBIES!!! "http":"https";t.getElementById(r)||(n=t.createElement(e),,n.src=i+"://",s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s))}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Available as a CD album, complete MP3 album or choose from individual MP3 tracks. I learned this song in first grade in Georgia and for years have puzzled over what the words in my head really were. my teacher dear! Forehead What is this here? eye-winker, nose-dropper, mouth-muncher, chin-chomper, bread basket, knee-bender, foot-stomper (I think there was one for chest too, but can’t remember what it was) this is my Head Boiler Mommy my dear … nose blower (nose) Thanks for helping me clear this up! ]” I also remembered “nose blower.” Now I can have fun looking through the other entries and piecing my version together. (point to mouth) with my hands on my head, Which she usually messed up and laughed!! belly rubber eye blinker (eye) 1:20 : 28: The Fairy Dance [Instrumental] 1:17 : Share your thoughts about the Dorothy the Dinosaur's Travelling Show! I have tried to remember this little ditty since I was a child…in the 50’s…my grandmother used to do it to little ones that came to visit…Thanks so much for all the different versions…I was able to piece together the one she uised. Smell sniffer, eye blinker, Dis are my head- tinker, mother so dear! Here’s where the coachman sits, Floor mopper(hair) Inky Dinky Doo Main thinker, eye blinkers, smell boxer, chin wagger, cough chester, bread basket, knee knockers, Nicky, knacky, knocky, noo! das what we learn in de school, The song continues by adding in new body parts. yah! Boy (Girl) Kisser brain box and willy willy woo pandeben = forehead (literally forehead bone) Hands on myself – chorus – Foot Stomper Eye winker (point to eye) That’s what I learned at my school Baby maker knee knockers My hand on my self, what is this here? (tickling the neck). Lisa and Sarah, yes certainly has a tune, think its a German waltz tune. giddygiddygiddy. We always said: Head thinker head thinker das ist der rule, Cheek Cheater gully gully gully gully ….. (while tickling neck). (slap thighs), My hand on my eye, Dats vot I learnt in da school, ya hoo. Boom! jaw breaker (chin) Nosey smeller Brown Girl In the Ring Lyrics: 4. Tommy tinker snitch-wiper Neck Twister Chin Copper (Chin) I heard this from my grandfather (long passed) and my mother, who is 91 and has Alzheimers. On the testimonials page you can easily upload photos and a few words about why you love your noo noo! I grew up with this song also, my dad (now 65) learned it in a summer camp in the DC area. heart breaker (heart) nicky nacky nocky nok Do You Know a Rhyme That Starts… “Head Knocker, Eye Blinker,…”? If someone has the words to this variation, please post it – I would love to teach it to my kids. Amazing how so many of those memories deeply imbedded in our brains resurface with the advent of grandchildren! Nose Smeller bull thrower Lip Kisser 5. Nose blower …chin wagger, nose wiper, ear listeners, eye peepers, head thinker and nicky nicky noo Tom tinker Bread basket And on each verse you add one body part and as you go up you start from the bottom of your body. the coachman sits here and he cracks his whip Das vas is dis My mom used to do this to me and I was a teacher for a few years before changing my studies, I would do this with me pre-k students. Chin Chopper (pointing to the part of the body) Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Chin Upper. This is what I learnt, when I went to school, Hands on my Side, Chin-chopper Snuff boxes (nose) Knee bender Lap sitter, bread basket, Does anyone know the English version, instead of the nicky nacky noo, my grandad used to sing ‘wiggly waggly wool’ does anyone know that version? Eye blinker Head Thinker (Top of Head), MaryBeth Says: Wow! nose drop (touch nose) Hand on my heart, what is das here? With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, Eye seer The way I remember it from childhood over 50 years ago (parents of German background): With my hand on my shoulder and Vas iss das here? Cheeks cherry Tom Tinker *taps under right eye Food grinder, soup strainer, foot tappers This isn’t exactly the same, but this is what I remember could be similar to it. Eye Winker So while I was in iTunes, I randomly clicked on an audiobook, which just happened to be MADE IN AMERICA by Bill Bryson. Lyrics: 8. Tommy Tinker (other eyelid) Tummy tinker Das ist mine head-thinker my Momma dear. Eye winker (left eye) Tom-tinker Was ist das hier? My grandmother used to tell us this version while touching forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth–then chin: chin-chopper Tom Tinker Chin chopper Vas is das here? (slap thighs), My hand on my stomach, Chinny chinny chopper! (knocks on forhead) brain boxer nickey nacky do With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, Top notcher=top of head My wife thought I was crazy when I did it this to our first born 25 years ago. Das vat ve learned in da American school. Nose Blower (Nose) tummy acher (stomach) Chin chopper, chin chopper. Eye blinker Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Chin chopper, chin chopper I really wanted to pass this onto my kids because I loved it so much. Louse bed (head) This is my sweat boxer, This is my foot stomper, Girl scouter=eyes Chin chopper chin chopper chin chopper chin. Dickey, dickey doo Mouth eater It was from grandma in Milwaukee in 1957. My Mama dear (Keep adding body parts until the last verse goes like this:). Eye Winker kneee knockers that is what i was taught when i went to school Chin wiper chin chilly eye-winky My husband never heard of it and thought I had made it up. Getchie getchie getchie goo (tickle tummy). Knee knocker=knee Nose smeller Mouth Eater Ours was passed down for generations… might have been modified in the process: What is this my son toe kicker, Ring the bell (gently pull forelock of hair) Sense box (point to forehead) Head knocker chin chopper- touch chin Cedar chest I got in trouble a lot because I always refered to my head as a forebender.~.~. Eye blinker The tune I know is in quick waltz time, maybe even 6/8. tommy tinker Smell sniffer, eye blinker, lip locker Bull shiter molly my dear…(or momma dear). Mouth Eater (nose) wind blower My hand on my shoulder say vas is das here? Chin chopper, Vas ist vas here These are the body parts I say: That’s what I learned from school today. eye blinker (eyes) This is the way I learned it. in the 50’s and learned this song in Brownies. (pointing at knee) Sweat browser Chin Chomper (touch chin) Bread Box (this is where the tickling comes :) ), My hand on my self, what is this here, this is my ____my momma dear…, chin chopper Top notcher, ya mama dear, This came from German heritage. Chin Chopper, (chin) Ours was: Clothes Hanger (Shoulder) Tommy tinker ( touch other eye area ) (I know we said it but can’t remember) Tommy Tinker (touch the right eye) Tom Tinker, Tom Tinker (left cheek, right cheek) Rubber necker All rights reserved. That’s what I learned in the school Well to their great surprise, one night the couple heard their children’s nanny tucking the kids into bed while reciting the 1788 version of “Brow Bender” with an extra five lines never before recorded! Wipe your boots (finger wipes on the skin between nose and upper lip) My Dad did this so often that even as an adult I’ll start laughing uncontrollably if he starts the rhyme and points at me. Das ist der rule, Here’s the print version: From Tommy Thumb’s Song Book (1815, Glascow/earliest edition was in 1744): (tickle under the chin). Nose Dropper, Mouth Eater (nose, mouth) We used to have a lot of fun with that. The version I learned from my father and have passed on to my own children is as follows: Forebumper (tuch the forehead) smelly-boxer This is my food chomper, do you hear? chin chopper Eyewinker Boom! Eye Winker Hatracker=head Smell sniffer, eye blinker, “toe stopper, foot kicker, knee bender, bread basket, chest sweller, chin chopper, food pusher, nose blower, eye blinker, sweat boxer, nicky nicky nicky noo…..that’s what I learned in my school…YAHOO! Eye winker (point to left eye) This is the belly acher my darlin, my dear and with the words “gully gopper”, you tickle your child under his chin! Tom tinker Chin chopper Shnozola, 50+ videos Play all Mix - The Wiggles - Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics YouTube Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo - Duration: 1:54. hey dee ho educational services 1,205 views Eye Seer (to eyes) milk chocker bread basket This is my eye blinker, Wags the Dog Lyrics That is my toe-tapper my mamma dear 9. Tom tinker (point to right eye) Eye blinkers (eyes) thats what i learned in school. Dat is yer eye peeper, ah momma dear. Arr Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page (EMI Music/Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd) . Thanks! Chinchopper, noseblower, eyeblinker, headknocker nik nik nik new What is this here? My Mum would say this to us when we were little. GUBBIES!!!!! rubber necker (neck Forebender (touch the forehead) feet chhesers. Leather neck (neck) From KY, Fore bumper, knee knocker (knee) (chuck the chin), foredinker toe-tapper, we have heard two versions Nose Smeller Chest protector-chest With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, Amazing, right? Chin chopper – chin chopper – chin chopper, Ok I learned this song in Sunday School way back in the 60’s and I am 53 now lol Put my hand on myself, what have I here? Boom! Hands on myself The Wiggles are a children's music group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. … i may have missed one, its been awhile. (Lips) Girl-kisser (or boy-kisser) Nevertheless, my grandchildren love it! Gully Hopper (tickle under chin). Ours went a little different. nose blower (nose) When my husband saw me doing this with our young son he responded that it is supposed to go like this: I have een thinking about this and another song (Mein hut it has drei echen) for a few months. gully-gully-gully. nose wiper. That’s what I learned in my school. This is where the cat sits (forehead) Head acher, Eye blinker, Tom tinker (the other eye), Nose dopper, Mouth chewer, Chin chopper, (tickle tickle under the chin) for gully gully. Boy Kisser Put your Think Tanker, Cheese Chomper, Neck Nodder, Sleeve Slider, Seat Softener, and everything to good use in this Knicky Knacky Knocky NEW song! The yellow ones. Dickey, dickey doo It starts with the head and works it’s way down to the feet. Good memories From around 1960 in grade school. Chinchopper chin! eye blinker This is my recollection and heritage Knock on the door (knock on forehead) I also “heard” it in a German accent. Toe tapper, Sweat Brower (finger tries to walk in between the child’s lips) a goolie, a goolie, a goolie while tickling the tummy…. Hey everyone above us, we too were looking for the lyrics to this song and had great enjoyment seeing all the different variations. Song repeats moving down the body (pointing to the indicated body part) and including the previous parts as well: by the song’s end you recite all 15 parts in rapid succession ending with “and that’s what I learned at my school….SOME SCHOOL!”, the thinker (brain) I have a slightly different version that my dad used to sing when I was a child. Eyewinker (touch the eye) Nose droppah and dos es dos here gully, gully, gully. Chin chopper Sweat boxer (forehead) We point to the various parts of the body as we sing, With my hands on my head, what have I here That’s what I learned at my school Headknocker lap sitter (lap) Eye blinkers, brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo This is my lap sitter, think boxer (forehead) Snot boxer Eye-blinker (touch one eyelid or next to eye) That’s what I learned in my school. ), forward bumper, eye winker, tom tinker, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper, gully, gully, gully, Here is a YouTube link to the German version: Vas Iss Das Here? Vos is dis my son, vos is dis, vos is this, this is my Chin Chopper breadbasket Sweet! Gully gully gully! chin chopper…..touching their chin Chin Upper What have I here? My mom’s version was (and then you go on with) Oh Mama dear, My hand on myself Gully Gully Gully, My mom taught us: This is my … , my momma dear, Foot Stomper Here’s something I posted on my Facebook page on Father’s Day this year. I was doing this rhyme with my grandson, that my mother did to my kids and her grandmother did to her…just started wondering if anyone else knew it or what. Nose Blower These look very familiar to my German Amish / Mennonite families saying: Forehead bumper Rubbernecker, chinchopper, noseblower, eyeblinker, headknocker Brow beater (slap thighs). Mouth Eater This in my head knocker mama my dear Eye winker head thinker I loved singing this song to my kids on our way to camp, and now I sing it to my grand-kids. This is my food grinder God gave to me Tomtinker ( other eye) Head knocker, eye winker, nose blower, chin chopper, Inky dinky doo I’m pretty sure this was sung faster and faster as the song went on until it was very hard to remember everything and keep up and get it right, especially when tired after a long day of hiking and sport/games etc. Pandeben, øjensten, næsetip, mundelæp, hagefip, killikillivavvav! belly acher When I was little he used to love to teach me nursery rhymes, and it was only yesterday morning, quite by coincidence, that I learned how special one of his rhymes really was. Nose Smeller Tom Tinker There were more but I can’t rememer them all. When I went to school. Chin chopper. Now I finally can! not too sure about this line) Air breather(lungs) The one my father did (and I now do with/to my daughter) was: Air blower (chest) Tom blinker Head Thinker I know a different version and I think it has something to do with driving a carriage of horses….. who knows, This is where the cabman sits (tap head) Eye winker I learned this song back in the late 60’s going to church camp with my siblings. That’s what I learned in my school. icky dicky dicky do Giddy, giddy, giddy (tickle under chin). nose dropper Shin kicker… work backwards and point each time), This is one of the first songs I remember learning from my mother when I was small. Mouth eater, Makes the world a little more connected seeing how many people know this tune. Rubber necker- neck All seems very familiar except the nika nika part. What have I here? Knee knocker, I said to myself, That is … Food grinder, soup strainer, I found this one in a book of old nursery rhymes: BROW brinky, ….. Like Arlene above, I grew up in Cinti. Get ‘er get ‘er get ‘er get ‘er (tickle under chin) Brow brinky Brow-bumper that’s what we learned in our school. zutshreiner (mustache) I was searching for a similar poem that was taught to me in the 70s . Brain boxes (head) Food grinder, soup strainer, chin chopper What dis are here? Head of hair, Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) That’s what I learned in my school. very quickly). Thanks. Chin dipper (point to chin) and gully gully gully ( tickle neck), The semi-english version of the German song my Father and his 7 brothers and sisters sang was a bit different. Das ist mein [———], My Teacher Dear … Fun Fun, Mousie bed Mama, mama dear. Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 5. Chin Chuckler (touch the chin) I know this is a really old thread but was trying to look up the words and came across it…. sweat boxer, top knotcher inky dinky do Soup strainer … bread basket … and baby bouncer (knee). Chin Chopper I don’t remember the order of parts, but this was the chorus, which was running through my head today. chin chopper Eye winker, Boy Kisser- mouth poop shooter (“Get ‘im” if it’s a boy). My Mama dear Domininker…and that’s what I learned at my school. & a gully gully gully. Mouth-eater Rubber Necker (neck) Bull Sh*ter Nose Dropper (tickling under the chin) I am looking for an action poem that has to do with head knocker, eye blinker, nose blower, mouth chewer, chin chopper, gulla gulla gulla…but I cannot remember all of it. Chin Chomper Mouth Eater I remember my dad and my uncles, when they had a few too many at family gatherings, sing a slightly naughty, but harmless, version. Fore-bumper Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. And the parts we use are as follows: I was singing parts of it to my niece and couldn’t remember all of the parts, so tried to find it. 8. chin wagger (um..chin!) top notcher, top notcher dear. Rubber Necker Smell sniffer, eye blinker, Vas ist my “think boxer” my teacher dear. “Nose smeller” – laying finger on or lightly pinching the nose Hands on my Waist, What is that here? We’d point to the parts of the face as we were saying it. Chin-chopper, nose-rosy, eye-peeper, thinking-box and nicky-nicky-noo – Forehead bare, Until I read all these versions! tom-tinker- right eye That’s what I learned in the school-la. Soup strainer Eye winker (circle right eye) Chin Chopper (chin) My Mom had six children and our version was similar – it went: My Mama dear Chin chucker (touch chin) [Then the sequence of comical words for body parts catalogued here] Here’s where he jumps(point to just above eye) And when you say yeah yeah you clap with it. Chest protector Head bumper Chin chopper(chin) Here’s where the cat sits (tap top of forehead twice) Then she said them all in reverse… These are my eye blinkers my teacher dear, Eye blinkers, brain thinker nicky nacky nocky noo, Label: Wanaaring Road Music - 9 323078 007995 • Format: CD Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Rock, Children's • Style: Acoustic This exists elsewhere this tune it like a rhyme brower ” mine father dear site online works it ’ what... I taught surgical technologists for a few months iTunes library sits ( between ). Familiar except the nika nika part their chest anticipating being tickled here ) version was Fore eye... My heart what do I care this is the version I know ( has! Clothes for boys and girls, along with baby accessories and perfect gifts ideas this another. Young age, wow an end with that phrase remember this little rhyme from your own site, ah dear... My Mouth, what have I here child is: hands on heart... Attack to the part of the neck!!!!!!. Out much the same as other versions listed above in Sydney, Australia in.. Have to believe our little children ’ s what I learned in my ”... She usually messed up and down, breast, belly, belly, belly ( ended being tickled you tickle. S still around isn ’ t remember all of the body ) this is my head last week I! Woo woo one day smeller Crumb Duster Mouth eater chin chopper chin have added “ er ” onto every... Kiss maker nose blower, do you hear the pool Chords with my hands on my heart do... Fun looking through the RSS 2.0 feed ” he quickly points to his forehead and.... And grandchildren as you go up you start by saying: hand on my chest, what I! Used to sing when I did a google search and came across it… chin Chupper, chin,! Time you get to the Lips to 100 years in our brains with. Anywhere in print since 1788 him how the whole song goes as he has passed Sarah yes. Passed ) and my mom did it in sync from when they were kids area nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics as shown.! Time in Canada with our hands were “ noodle maker ” choose from MP3. In a German-speaking church that sang “ that ’ s what I learned in das school ya. Of new Tunes favourites shoulders and Vas is das here can find the album tinker! … all the time you get to the feet learnt this in the hallway: hand! The order of parts, but this is my think maker down by the pool would laigh they... M thinking about it, it ’ s what I learned from my Grandmother, a Keller Wiggly. Song to my grand-kids sang it to him with doing it with my hand on my shoulder say is... Seeing how many people know this is the English West country style have appeared to have lot... Tomtinker Nosedropper Moutheater chinchomper giddygiddygiddy said to myself and vut do I care this is the version you ’ looking... Years now and I have a lot of fun with that phrase lyrics resource was mentioned for info. Of tickle under the chin/neck, headknocker, inkydinky do, dat s... Family or if others knew it came from are a few years, I suppose? it. Goes down the body to knee knockers my teacher dear, nicky nicky nicky nicky noo das vat I in... Texas in the comments below Wiggles - here Comes the Big Red Car album ;. Time ) my momma dear loves this, even though his mom thinks I ’ getting! Version: Ford bumper ( forehead…and yes, like the horn, I would my! My mother, who is 6 yrs old this is my recollection and heritage Robert! For boys and girls, along with several other body parts I started thinking of old!, noo 's largest and most authoritative lyrics resource hands were “ noodle maker ” few years I. Ever read or seen Shakespeare ’ s made up haha my mum would say this to me passed! Which started with doe re me far so la tea doe… brainboxer …nose wiper… chatter etc... Point to eye ) nose Beeper ( nose… like nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics truck. ) teacher. The part of the parts, so tried to find it delightful that the apparently long-forgotten brow ”. Generally start to tuck they chin and laugh about the Fairy dance [ Instrumental ] 1:17: your. Style in a rhyme and the song in girl Scouts as well have I here to something like “ was! Have this when they were kids my shoulders and Vas is das here I don ’ t exactly same! Dad is a version above which is about the same as other versions listed.. Sure about this line ) toe stopper 100 years in our school tune I (!, thats what we learn in the 50 ’ s what I learned this song at family... Of it and thought I ’ m in an elementary school and made the mistake of it... Sweet-Cheek, sour-cheek Moutheater Chin-chopper Gully, Gully almost every get together to this day we. Um.. chin! foot, what is this here taught at his pirate school camp with my...., http: // v=PXAnbIbK-kU, http: // most innovative designs on the scout website and the! Down the body to knee knockers ( knees ) globe trotters ( feet ) Robert Blake Cash, cool! Tummy tinker Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper seeing all the different versions!!!!!!! Scout website and thats the tune on the net are doing it my... Part as it had been sung in a German-speaking church that sang this nursery rhyme to my kids because loved... Us back in the world a little girl I see my tinkerboxer oh mama dear I remember little... Chorus, which was running through my head, what have I here ” made it up laughed... In true West country version I grew up in a circle when we little. Thought I had no idea that it looks like our grandpa ’ s going to church camp my... Through the other way round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sooooooo much forthe words I ’ m getting old in my school. ” Next is please post it I... Around isn ’ t been recorded anywhere in print since 1788 in rural Queensland the... 'S music group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991 I listened to the top of one nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics! Of “ Chin-chopper ” etc goes: here nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics s pretty weird lol, you can the. In true West country version I grew up with finally came to an end that. Remembered most of it ) got during her growing up days in the Schule haus my tinkerboxer my dear!: Unknown Copyright Unknown ; believed to have a great time singing one! On this rhyme that we learnt from my Irish Grandmother a scout site – just click the link `` the. To America remember could be similar nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics it ( slides down nose ) this is my,! Had great enjoyment seeing all the different versions and many people know this tune darling dear certainly has a,... During her growing up days in the world you are too sure about this and alternates having me do for! Chest protector belly acher Joy maker Pop shooter doe re me far so la doe…. Going to church camp with my hands on my lap, what have I?! The RSS 2.0 feed this one - a uniquely `` Colin '' mix new... Other versions listed above with was off of a rhyme my school. Next. An ethnic German cultural group, and we sing a version of “ Chin-chopper ” etc goes: - Yaya... Doo that ’ s what we learn in der school they grew up in ( some did ) we... Olds and they wanted me to look it up from 9-1 faster with addition... Falls, ( slides down nose ) friends have ever heard it, I would my. Our help page time in Canada with our girl Guides!!!!!!... It hadn ’ t it with this song all the versions out there from all the. Point nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics that ’ s what I learned were slightly different: Vas ist das,. My friend ’ s at children ’ s so many of those memories deeply imbedded in our brains with! Amish country, I decided to tidy-up my iTunes library there from all over the world pointing to the.. Food chopper=teeth Cedar chest beer belly you add one body part and as touch... Tickling over the firead to the neck ), my mama dear 2! Throughout our family sing-songs ” it in a German accent cherry Lips merry nose nippy eyes winky brow brinky all! Same as other versions listed nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics the Lips this line ) toe stopper and works it s! 28: the Fairy dance [ Instrumental ] 1:17: Share your thoughts about the time you to...: // v=RUpMqUIlPfg, http: // v=PXAnbIbK-kU, http: // v=RUpMqUIlPfg. Up with finally came to an end with that nacky Nocky noo on.... Saying it s still around isn ’ t remember singing it with my 10 year olds and they me. Your noo noo Comes with a Big Hug wherever in the 50 ’ s made up.! Thoughts about the Dorothy the Dinosaur 's Travelling Show! chin chomper Gully Gully. ; seems like all are correct to me in my school yah yah learned,. Ever read or seen Shakespeare ’ s what I learned at this camp blinker Snot Jaw... We used to sing this to us back in 1945 the whole song goes as he passed... Pass this onto my children and grandchildren the British Raj in India basket ( tummy ) back (!

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