double electron capture

All in all, the future looks bright for large xenon detectors in neutrino physics and there are a bunch of exciting publications to look forward to. Besides the hunt for dark matter particles, the XENON detectors can be used to search for many other rare processes. The contribution to the total cross section for double electron charge transfer from the 4l4l′ 4l5l′, and 4l6l′ states is approximately 25%. While it is considered stable since its direct decay into 124I is energetically forbidden, there is a rare process in nature, so far only indirectly observed, which would lead to a decay of 124Xe into the isotope 124Te. Double-electron capture (2EC) was not in focus so far because of its in general lower transition probability. The necessary electrons for charge conservation are taken right from the electronic shell of the xenon atom itself. Despite the apparent simplicity of this highly correlated system, all previous calculations fail to reproduce the experimental total cross sections. Radioactivity . While any detection of these decay modes would certainly lead to a deeper understanding of standard nuclear physics another possible decay branch could open the door to physics beyond the Standard Model: The neutrinoless double beta decay. According to Wikipedia, double electron capture can occur only when competing modes are strongly suppressed. We studied mechanisms for double electron capture in slow Ne10++He collisions using the method of high-resolution Auger-electron spectroscopy. It t would be the longest-lived nuclear decay process ever observed directly. This of course relies on how wide they are. We study the two-neutrino double electron capture on 124 Xe based on an effective theory (ET) and large-scale shell model calculations, two modern nuclear structure approaches that have been tested against Gamow-Teller and double-beta decay data. The best candidate for experimental detection is the decay 156 Dy → 156 Gd, with τ 1/2 (0 + gs →0 + gs)=2.74×10 22 yrs and τ 1/2 (0 + gs … Login with Gmail. By changing the number of protons, double electron capture transforms the nuclide into a new element. 2018 Mar 8;122(9):2523-2534. doi: 10.1021/acs.jpca.7b11769. This is what the above plot shows for several liquid xenon dark matter experiments. At such very low energies the production of the configurations 3lnl′ (n⩾6) of non-equivalent electrons is found to become dominant. Another experiment suggests that double-electron capture is always the dominant process in Ar{sup q+} + H{sub 2} collisions in the energy region from 0.1 eV to a few keV. In the standard model one would also need two anti-electron neutrinos to conserve lepton number. When the mass difference is more than four electron masses (2.044 MeV), the third mode - double positron decay - is allowed. As the amount of xenon increases and backgrounds go down, the experiment starts to check all the boxes for a neutrino detector and becomes sensitive to rare physics processes, such as double -decays. In the range of their energies (~1-10 keV), the background is usually high. The limits on the resonance neutrino-less double electron capture decay of {sup 106}Cd were obtained from the measurement of ∼23.2 g of {sup 106}Cd with the low-background HPGe spectrometer OBELIX lasted 395 h - T{sub 1/2}(KL, 2741 keV) > 0.9×10{sup 20} y and T{sub 1/2}(KK, 2718 keV) > 1.4×10{sup 20} y at 90% C.L. Additional recommended knowledge. Thus, the energy resolution in XENON1T is characterized by the width of peaks in the energy spectrum relative to their measured energy. Download Now on Beatport. Browse our catalogue of tasks and access state-of-the-art solutions. We studied mechanisms for double electron capture in slow Ne10++He collisions using the method of high-resolution Auger-electron spectroscopy. Following electron capture, very little fragmentation was observed, but species formed by nondissociative single and multiple electron capture were abundant. This would prove the violation of lepton number conservation and, additionally, it could tell something about the mass of neutrinos, which is known to be very small (

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