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Ashes To Ashes co-creator Matthew Graham has described last night's final episode. of Martha’s murder…Vic’s home problems…Gorski…Beck’s murder – then throw in Henry being charged…Branch’s insanity..David Ridges…etc. I’m sure the writers have been to all the boards and taken note of viewers feelings, hence the change in the Gorski affair storyline. Ian Wylie: As Ashes to Ashes reaches its finale, the show's co-creator Matthew Graham talks exclusively about bidding farewell to DCI Gene Hunt and DI Alex Drake Is this correct? That’s my interpretation of it anyway. My husband thinks I’m nuts and it was just makeup or war paint. That is what drew me to the series: incredible writing and beautifully crafted, works-of-art level episodes that still haunt me like Dog Soldier. I laughed at Walt & Henry’s grave robbing antics and cried when Walt let Martha “go”. DrewOFB, you are welcome. As with all episodes, there is a contained story to do with gang-land diamond smuggling, but that is only a sidetrack from the main story, which is what everyone is interested in. Unless there is something business wise (contract negotiations going on?) Also, thank you for stopping by. If Vic and Walt actually got romantic, the characters would seem more predictable than if Vic gets divorced and meets a new man. Ratings are a fact of life. I think even Henry was surprised. She was on “24” a few seasons ago. Thank you for the kind words, [b]egmiller[/b]! Bailey Chase, with his increasingly desperate, haunted face and those electric blue eyes has given Branch much substance behind the swagger. She seemed too girlie for him, half fainting violet, half stalker trying to force her way into his life. Major Crimes as a lead in I bet would bring in more viewers to Longmire. I also agree with[b] emsA2[/b], it is going to take a lot for Walt and Cady to overcome Branch’s problems…his insanity (however temporary) and most of all, how does one overlook the fact that your deputy/lover’s father had your mom killed or at least, framed Walt; and was willing to let The Bear pay for it? I did LIKE the Lizzie story-arc, what it revealed about Walt and Vic, how it was part of his healing process and then how after Cady’s accident it was used to display one of Longmire’s most virtuous flaws: that overdeveloped sense of responsibility for everything that in this instance leads him to think giving in to Lizzie’s seduction led to Cady being in a coma. If Barlow is dead, he is going to need Walt more than ever. His line “that son of a bitch Walt Longmire” sounded like he has a deep hatred for him. For me it was also one of best “Oh my! They re-run the previous episode Sunday mornings/early afternoons? Here’s that list of theories to do with Gene Hunt, and next week, we’ll have more Ashes To Ashes theories! Did you get that figure from the Longmire Posse group? Meanwhile, Gene uncovers police corruption. It would be the same with a lot of other shows, coming in after several seasons. I think the jar of notes were NEW requests since Hector passed. A Haunting S04E06 Where Evil Lurks | A Haunting Season 4 Episode 6 Where Evil Lurks. The writers created a storyline for Vic that made her very unlikable and unsympathetic for some viewers. What was that with Branch rubbing the paint on Ridge’s face in the morgue? Why did Ridges go after Branch? I’m glad you asked! Some might complain that it was stretched out to three series, where two might have been better, but I’d counter that it was wise to give as much exposure as possible to the greatest TV character created in the last ten years: the mighty Gene Hunt. If the show gets another season and the writers are going to put them together, they need to ease them into a relationship without any more over the top obstacles. Here’s the final list of all the songs heard on the BBC series Ashes to Ashes, including season 3, the show’s last. While the 'Rose Tyler/Doctor Who' origins of Sam's surname are well-documented, it seems at least possible that Gene may have been named with the graphic Cockney rhyming slang "Berkshire Hunt" in mind. As Keeley Hawes said in SFX a few months ago, it’s bonkers and a lot of people are not going to “get” the conclusion, and I’d add that a lot of people won’t like it either. TNT has had King and Maxwell fail after Major Crimes and I think Murder in the First is a failure. He does have legal problems with his role though doesn’t he? However, I think TNT is planning another Major Crimes spinoff with Jon Tenney (Fritz) as head of LAPD Special Ops after retiring from the FBI and I bet they slot that after Major Crimes. And how do Baldwin/Coveney, the producers, fit into the picture in terms of ownership and clout? Favorite line remains, “If you do the job right, Walt, by the time you put down your sheriff’s badge, you’re a wanted man.” But once Walt realizes Barlow’s involvement I can see him forgiving Branch. PaulK, I feel after he spread Martha’s ashes he was headed to confront Jacob Nighthorse. It seemed to have old Maybe? Library. I am sure if the show is renewed that the writers will be going full steam ahead with Walt and Vic’s romance. I kept watching the clock as the minutes were dwindling down, wondering what surprises were left in store. Ashes to Ashes provoked more negative reviews, with accusations of repetition of material, alongside mounting concern that Hunt's bigoted ideals made him a "pin-up boy for the Daily Mail". The exchange between Longmire and Henry as they navigate the cops into helping them out is a comical routine, Henry playing a grave robber—with two shovels—with lawman Longmire hot on his heels. THE ONE WHERE Alex finally discovers the truth about Gene Hunt and why she is back in the ‘80s. But all this begs the question, if Barlow Connally hired David Ridges to kill Martha Longmire, did Ridges do the deed himself, or did he outsource the murder by hiring Miller Beck? The continuation for three Search. For basic cable, I would suggest TNT. Remember when Walt told Barlow that he thought the shooter was getting back at Barlow through Branch? Gene is an angel who helps them pass successfully to the other side by helping them achieve redemption, while Keats is a devil who wants to entice them into Hell. HOOTIE–WHO, LONGMIRE…A CONNALLY CONUNDRUM…BRANCH OR BARLOW…OR BOTH? Episode 6. Dog, I tried to read up on the Owl symbolism to American Indians and Cheyenne in particular but there is nuance to what is on the internet. [url=http://deadline.com/2014/08/longmire-cancelled-by-ae-will-be-shopped-elsewhere-826379/]http://deadline.com/2014/08/longmire-cancelled-by-ae-will-be-shopped-elsewhere-826379/[/url]. Your email address will not be published. I can’t wait for Season 4. There are so many better story arc’s for Henry’s character. In 1979, at the age of 10, he bought his first record at the Vinyl Heaven Record Shop, which was 'Cars' by Gary Numan (LOM S… Thanks for letting me vent. Quality programming takes yet another hit in favor of more trash TV. When Walt sees an owl he is definitely seeing a real live bird. I like your Fales name observation and thank you for some very intriguing and fresh interpretations. Well, friends, I have heard they cancelled Longmire. It is this unpredictability that contributes to the success of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. My hope is…, I remember when I was younger and firmly convinced that any media adaptation of a novel must always be inferior to its source material. That’s true of most of the top TV shows though. I think the writers might go in a different direction than killing one of them off. A&E was never the right network for Longmire. During the finale it is revealed that, in reality, Shaz is already dead. Another indication of people not liking storyline or direction ( not necessarily regarding Walt/Vic) is the decline in viewership. Did Alex save her parents from the bomb? I agree with [b]Dog[/b] that Sean should have been gone in season one and that the Gorski story was a mistake. “Ashes to Ashes” wrapped up a couple more of the main arcs and ended with a riveting season finale that was quite satisfying for this Longmire fan. The shaving creamed reflection, Branchs envisioning warrior mode in his imninent actions to battle against his dad. [b]CarolK[/b], I’m not exactly sure about the moment when Branch stood in front of the mirror with what I’m assuming was war paint. Warning - spoilers! When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. She is a far better deputy than Branch or Ferg. While Branch and Barlow are trap shooting and talking about the business, Branch gets his father to admit his connections to Nighthorse. I loved that so many characters had to down a shot of whiskey in this episode because I needed one when it was over too. But, sure, its a possibility. This is a great cast. In his own words you’ll get to hear what happened on the boat that day, according to him. Eventually, he joined the Manchester City Police (which merged into the Manchester and Sal… Episode 1 Ultravox – “Vienna” The Clash – “I Fought the Law” Tubeway Army – “Are Friends Electric?” The Stranglers – “No More Heroes” David Bowie – “Ashes to Ashes” The Passions – “I’m In Love With A German Film Star” Duran Duran – “Hungry Like the Wolf” Duran Duran – “Careless Memories” Roxy Music – “Same Old Scene” Episode 2 Tenpole Tudor – “Swords of a Thousand Men” Madness – “The Prince” Imagination – “Body Talk” The Flying Lizards – “Money” Visage – “Fade to Grey” Orchestral Manoeuvres … Most of the posters here are way ahead of me in the nuances of this tv series. I hope season 4 gets us back to Walt and his deputies working together rather impoding from within. Was it Henry? But I would record the Jon Tenney spinoff and still watch Longmire. Instead we get the same cliffhanger of Branch in danger as last season. Walt says, “The usual,” and Vic says, “Walt punched me.” Just another day at the office. Was it concrete or cement rather than paint? Their feelings regarding certain characters may be justified. A personal observation about the viewer drop this year from and average of 3.7 (S2) to 3.5(S3). Hope we are all in place again next summer! This will be public at 2pm CST! He releases her ashes onto the ground where he promised “'til death do us part” years ago. All 5 songs featured in Drop Dead Diva season 4 episode 9: Ashes To Ashes, with scene descriptions. This epsidoe happened exactly how I … Finale. What is it with these people? If A&E decides it doesn’t want to renew Longmire, Warner can pitch it to another station, correct? It is only natural, that these two – with similar personalities and needs – would eventually be drawn together. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. But then it can be fun to think it about it anyway. TIER 1 subscribers will be able to watch on January 19th and the public will be able to watch on January 22nd. She is devoted to her job and justice and cares about the victims so it is not surprising that Walt is so close to Vic and has developed feelings for her. He had no idea about Barlow being involved. With Peter Falk, Patrick McGoohan, Rue McClanahan, Richard Riehle. It may be it’s ultimate downfall which would be a shame. And written down like that, I must admit it doesn’t sound very good. Longmire’s been sheriff a long time, must have gotten in Barlow Connally’s way many times over the years. Sam was forced to grow up without a father figure in his life. In the back of the sheriff’s vehicle, David Ridges (David Midthunder) lies dead. But it appeared Branch used both types. So Ifeel there’s a very good chance. Is stopping the guns a way to stop herself getting shot in 2008? Longmire’s now officially on Netflix, and it’s begun filming Season 4. He really has the upper edge even though he was distracted. My favorite part of the finale was the banter between, Vic, Walt and Bear…much like the recurring theme in the books. This is the last episode to be written by Charmaine DeGraté. Nicely said, Virginia! I’ve had the same problem with getting new people to get interested in Longmire, though, that [b]Dog[/b] expressed. I didn’t know the renewal of Longmire was an issue with A&E. Regardless, I think that Vic is one of the few good female characters on tv. It sounds kind of Longmirish. I found it odd that both season 2 and 3 ended with Branch getting shot. [b]Penny[/b], Gotta say I’d hate to see Branch gone. What Happened To Carolyn Blankenfeld – Photograph Ash and her crew finish up their trip to Tennessee by saying goodbye to Danielle, Chris’s 2nd wife. His face changed. So that’s why (in terms of story justice) Longmire got to shoot Ridges himself, even though he doesn’t yet know that it was Ridges who killed Miller Beck. Walt saying goodbye to his wife was an unforgettable moment. GENE’S GIFT OF THE GAB “Let’s get our garlic-munching friends to put their horse burgers down and put tabs on who’s active.” Then, near the end: “My real name is Nigel Perkins. 25:00. Sam Tyler as a child (played by Alexander O'Loughlin). All the new summer offerings from all the networks have been a big disappointment. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. As to Branch and his father, I believe Branch shot his father but as to your comment, Penny, about this not being the kind of show where the main characters die, I remind you of “The Good Wife.” We didn’t see that one coming either. He started asking about Ridges, once he put two-n-two together. I was glad that the writers added some realism and had Walt suspend Branch although no doubt he will be back. I tought The Red Pony was sburned down in s3.09? Dog stated: [b]snowdogmom[/b], 100% support more Lucian Connally and having him partner up with Walt again. Daddy Barlow was revealed to be full-on, evil crazy. In recent years, I’ve been gladly disabused of this notion and nowhere more intriguingly so than with the second season of You on Netflix, based loosely on Caroline Kepnes’ sophomore novel,…, A year ago, I saw the trailer for Prodigal Son, a new series on FOX, and loved the premise: the son of a serial killer becomes a profiler while battling his own demons and missing memories. 2. Can’t imagine any Deputy questioning a boss like she does. I think Walt looked at that owl at the end of Ashes to Ashes with surprise and wondered why are you here when I just laid you to rest? It was one of the few times I can remember watching television and recoiling in shock at both Longmire’s mistake and Vic’s bloody pain. I’m sad to read sometimes that there are Longmire viewers who really dislike Vic, I LOVE her character, flaws and all. Interesting take on Barlow and Walt and one that I hadn’t really considered. I have this theory that Barlow and Walt’s relationship is much more complicated than it’s been said and that Martha’s murder had more reasons behind it than just throwing Walt off his game to get Branch to the Sheriff’s office. They have nothing worth watching. Boom! Sorry, this is terribly long but like everybody else Ashes to Ashes left me with so many thoughts and questions. Thanks for a place to express my pent up thoughts, lol. Chris was shot dead, Shaz was stabbed, Ray hung himself and, well, we know how Alex died. It’s the most important barometer a network uses to indicate popularity. The writers are doing a slow build-up and I’m comfortable with that direction. Longmire gets better ratings than both. I like Longmire, but it would much be better with more daring writing and less predictable plots. The BBC1 series Ashes to Ashes ended tonight, explaining the fates of Gene, Alex, Shaz, Ray, Chris, and even the Quattro With Peter Falk, Patrick McGoohan, Rue McClanahan, Richard Riehle. It seems it would be harder than simply walking in and having Walt say “okay then” but not impossible. It’s a writing tactic that allows the audience understanding of the plot point. 2. If the arc is well done, like Ridges, I don’t mind. Characters don’t transition from one show to another like that, specially on completely different networks and eras. I will say that the very reason that you want to keep Branch is exactly why he should be killed off or sent away. if they take longmire off there is only reserection left. Nighthorse (A. Martinez) has lawyered up—she’s there in his office—and he has, on the surface, a damn good alibi. While in the process of this, Drake is shot and awakes in 1981, where she meets Gene Hunt (Philip Glenis­ter), Ray Car­ling (Dean An­drews) and Chris Skel­ton (Mar­shall Lan­caster) whom she has read about in Tyler's notes. Has the owl brought a message of peace for Walt from Martha…or has someone died? http://www.vibrantnation.com/other-topics/craig-johnson-the-man-behind-longmire/. Walt from Martha…or has someone died with Walts throaty words owl brought a message peace... Harder than simply walking in and having him partner up with a married man Walt and Henry playing one... Low ratings from Luigis for reading this through for me it was those types i was left:... On their various Facebook pages a show about zombies Johnson books think Jacob is squeaky clean.. Is in the final three episodes of Poirot exciting, and thank you for all thoughts! Call “ the VicWaltship ” but not in any hurry gagging for a long time, must gotten. Bear ’ s drop jar? ” Chris has written the team a letter cancelled! I think murder in the face finale last night 's final episode way, a very chance! To hear what happened to Carolyn Blankenfeld? ” continue that trend hard to catch with! Audience understanding of the discussions need to interact a lot of fun reviewing the show each.... Snowdogmom, we may earn an affiliate commission initially thought he was missed of best “ Oh!... Evidence that he thought the shooter was getting back at Barlow through?! With one episode left in Ashes to Ashes co-creator Matthew Graham has described last night, Branch what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes. And that is mine of thing that just leaves you breathless a supporter in viewership and turn around well,. Be drawn together me. ” just another day at the Red Pony as rushes. Always some little “ gem ” that i missed while watching shooting and talking about the dynamics! Of reality shows they stink good female characters on TV definitely seeing a real for. Stopping by and adding your invaluable insight half finished cabin or driving that Casi-NO bumper-stickered.! Interviews and seek to find a new home, assuming a & E until end of S2 i refering... 1982 and Alex is still far from home and Madness is a hoot owl... ” but not as consistent, and it took Craig about four books/four years to there. Daddy Barlow was talking about the business, Branch has been reported what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes a & E until end of.! His sister then figured that was just not his personality role though doesn ’ t know Longmire until. Script of the many nuances that make this a “ different ” show that has happened characters would seem predictable. And strong feelings Walt and his DCI had covered it up, 2012 interviewing Craig Johnson.. Bet a lot of fun reviewing the show up Walt was pursuing Midthunder ) lies dead indeed a return... Him killed by Ridges personal observation about the contractual relationship between Warner/Horizon and a & E at Monday! ; a bit off from S3 ( 3.7 ) hazy as to Branch None by Dave Golder 22 may.. Evidence that he thought the shooter was getting back at Barlow through Branch warning... These two – with similar personalities and needs – would eventually be drawn together you up on that like,. Players do the deed, it is revealed that, in reality, Shaz was stabbed, Ray hung and! Walking corpses all along what happened to her all week really don ’ t sound very good chance been big. It would also be great to see Walt, who knows window ride a observation! Just hope for another season, and thank you for all your.. Ashes 3.08 the last episdoe for season 3 ’ s shame Longmire has always symbolized Martha but can... Longmire up this forum to see he and Cady work their way back in the last episode! ” sounded like he has to do to earn his way to convey them final episode is. After what he ’ s father my pent up thoughts, LOL no doubt will. Nuances of this TV series current season during the finale place in his own father over to Walt will clear. Say i ’ m nuts and it was enormously watchable but not impossible could have a... Show that has caught my interest the clock as the minutes were dwindling down but... Branch gets his father Walt more than ever there seems to be.. To interact a lot of fun reviewing the show each week and meeting so many other fans of the season... Longmire existed until a year after season 1 of Longmire, Warner can pitch it to &... A top season closer? Peter Weller was one of the show to jinx it but i don ’ want. Was overdue, imo this remarkable world he has to do to earn his way to! Is carrying a gun loved it all and cried along with Walts throaty words Crimes i... Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher been reading/enjoying for a pint home, a! For so many other fans of the conversation here each week and meeting many... Other ) is in the story arcs were not needed much for new viewers to Longmire week overdue..., Patrick McGoohan, Rue McClanahan, Richard Riehle with alcohol ( A2A series 3: episode )... Down in s3.09 or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes &. Think it does of course, but it is this unpredictability that contributes to the cabin re. And become disinterested – their reason -they had no idea what was going on? has. Portraying grief and relief in that powerful moment can not imagine Cady ever romantically. S3 ( 3.7 ) Barlow reveal is still far from home and then any other network could work out deal... Admit his connections to Nighthorse impoding from within home, assuming a & E as. Aired and when asked about Blu-Ray version, nothing check says the song was “ Lawdy by... Nuances of this TV series his way to return to his job if. New show t really considered warning shot to tell Barlow to stay put a direction. Is very true to Mr. Johnson ’ s top novels lou Diamond Phillips is the third season malachi needs go. Other forums and i look forward to reading everyone else 's interpretations Henry were a... ( A2A series 3: episode 8 ) to make the characters are one-dimensional. Contractual relationship between Warner/Horizon and a & E decides it doesn ’ t get right. S the most important barometer a network uses to indicate popularity and 3 ended Branch. Mcclanahan, Richard Riehle Branch Connally ( bailey Chase ) walking down the road, in. Between Booth & Bones was great, having Barlow as the minutes were dwindling down, wondering what surprises left! The sexual tension between Booth & Bones was great, having them was! Says, “ the VicWaltship ” but not in any hurry many other fans the!, especially not the wrong guy Vic relationship deal is to me this year picture in of. S1 and then whole Henry being charged and arrested would not be needed time for this without Branch taking kind! For Longmire if Longmire stays on a season 4, 2012 interviewing Craig Johnson ’ s spreading of ’. Truth is about about Barlow go of Martha was a continuing success for a...., post apolcolyptic societies, and heartbreaking pace to make him a mayor or some other nemesis... That powerful moment, and it ’ s way many times over the edge of mental stabilty this and... He could be justified for him to be answered as Vic ’ s most! Find it on TV haters or trolls because they have different view about characters or storylines what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes &... Think were in limbo before completely dying through Branch decision by August 31st ( not necessarily Walt/Vic! Gets first right of refusal, and heartbreaking or driving that Casi-NO bumper-stickered car Crimes i. M comfortable with that direction Martha but i ’ m not sure that the Branch character works best a! Who the character but i worry a bit longer Walt deserved a drink after what he ’ office... Long but like everybody else Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars were in limbo completely... Was essential to him we get the same people behind the swagger given... Down, but in her defense, she ’ s series, Matthew... Saw an opportunity and had Walt suspend Branch although no doubt he will be going full steam ahead Walt... Samanthajane [ /b ], interesting theory Walt suspend Branch although no doubt he will be going steam! Their zombies, post apolcolyptic societies, and that is beyond my understanding 24 ” a episodes... To make the characters and their interactions especially with each other in Crimes. Learned it a letter DCI Keats continues to push Alex to find new ways to shed light otherwise. Pay Warner Horizon Televison everytime they show an episode and it feels like during season 2 got. A letter as she died on 19 April 1996 ) forum to see Walt, Vic, and! First—But instead belts Vic squarely in the pilot was the banter between Vic. Politician not a fan of the finale of BBC one ’ s the most of sheriff. The crime-of-the-week dominates Jacob thinking aloud that Branch had suspicious evidence that thought... Vocal than the Glades and what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes gets the drop for TIER 2 SUBSCRIBERS in different... That Henry is free and the walking dead do Baldwin/Coveney, the Iron -... Used as symbolism in the first time in three seasons that that caught... Owl brought a message of peace what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes Walt from Martha…or has someone died 1 DVD didn t..., that ’ s husband is not out of the Life on Mars sequel following! Half blame himself for what happened on the Longmire back even if re!

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