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Although the seat of Netherlands government is in The Hague, Amsterdam is the nominal capital. – Source, 16. Tickets are sold online only, for a specific date and time slot. City of Amsterdam is run by the city council and a college of aldermen. Starting in September 2008, adults were planned to be legally allowed to have sex in the evenings in Vondelpark, Amsterdam as long as they cleared their rubbish away afterward. – Source, 23. Although the Netherlands is the country's official name, people often call it Holland. Since it is not a big city, all sites of interest are within an acceptable distance. Amsterdam is where modern architecture developed organically between facades of historical buildings. Amsterdam Red Light District Prices. 2. But expect banks, shops, and most museums to be closed, and public transportation to operate on Sunday schedules for the listed holidays. It is true that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than inhabitants. The police later stated they would not tolerate this behavior. To deflect flight noises from the Amsterdam Airport, an 80-acre park in the shape of perfectly aligned furrows with high ridges in between (inspired by old farming techniques and Chladni patterns), was built. In the 13th century, the dam was built here in the river Amstel. Amsterdam tram line number 8 was used to deport Jews during the war. An artist based in Amsterdam has captured and bred her own bacteria to create a visible bacterial map of the body. – Source, 5. There are around 2400 houseboats in Amsterdam, 750 are in the old 17th-century city center. Amsterdam, probably the most planned city of northern Europe, has long been a well-known city. – Source, 22. Every year between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes are pulled out from the canals of Amsterdam. is pleased to present information on cruising on Holland America Line®. Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands with a population of 872,680 within the city proper, 1,558,755 in the urban area and 2,480,394 in the metropolitan area. The city is also known for its creative industry with over 300 international creative companies. 13x Amsterdam Red Light District Facts. All Rights Reserved, 25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 135, 25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 248. Dancing was forbidden in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 20th century. Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands! This website uses cookies. This is often used by avid football fans of clubs like Feyenoord. Since I lived in the Netherlands for one year, I thought it would be time for some fun facts about Amsterdam. It was formally established by decree of the King of Netherlands Louis … English is a second language for Amsterdam residents and is used by children in the school. That wraps up our short selection of interesting facts! In 1850, 30% of the population in Amsterdam lived off begging. Studying, working and living in Amsterdam. Learn here what you need before you apply for a job and see some job vacancies. What is cheaply made but sold at a ridiculous price? It flourished as a trading center. The city was named for a dam built on the River Amstel. More Amsterdam Fun Facts? AMSTERDAM [1] AMSTERDAM. General Information on Amsterdam. There are rarely extreme temperatures. Found within the province of North Holland, Amsterdam is colloquially referred to as the "Venice of the North", attributed by the large number of canals which form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Download the Amsterdam Audio Tours app and learn everything about the Red Light District during many stories of 22 experts. The average Dutch man measures in at 1.83 m (6 ft 1 inches) and their lengthy female... 2. 020 is the area code of Amsterdam. Some people from the competing city Rotterdam use ‘020’ as a nickname for Amsterdam, because they prefer not to call the capital its real name. Amsterdam is a city built on wooden poles. The water in the Amsterdam canals is so clean that Artis Zoo gives its elephants pure drinking water straight from... 3. 75-year-old twins Louise and Martine Fokkens, believed to be Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes, claim to have had approximately 355,000 sexual partners between them in a 50 year period. 20 paintings were stolen from the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum in 1991 and were then recovered 35 minutes later because the robbers got a flat tire. – Source, 28. I like how this exercise makes them (and me!) The resulting panic and stampede injured 87 people. 1. The provinces of North Holland and South Holland form only part of the Netherlands. This is a must-see museum for anyone visiting Amsterdam. James changed the name to New York and the land changed over to British ownership, though Dutch influences and architecture are still evident in that area today. The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro ( € , EUR), which is used in almost all countries within the European Union. There’s a museum in Amsterdam that houses deformed human embryos and other such abnormalities. – Source, 26. Follow our guide to student life in Amsterdam dealing with the fields of study and admissions requirements to Universities, student organizations, grants and scholarships, student hotspots and, most importantly, finding a place to live and employment in this cosmopolitan city. By further using this website, you agree with cookies. – Source, 29. Some interesting figures on how many bicycles, bridges, canals, cinemas or markets one can find in... Dutch courses in Amsterdam. An overview of institutions providing Dutch lessons in Amsterdam. Due to the thick layer of fen and clay present in the soil of the city, all the city’s buildings were erected on wooden poles that are fixed into a sandy layer of the ground over 35 feet deep! Amsterdam Tourism – Fun Facts In the 17th century Amsterdam was the centre of world economy, and nowadays the city is known for its tolerant character. The heart of Amsterdam is ‘the Dam’. There are roughly 900,000 bikes. Two hundred years later, the city was the fourth largest in Europe, with an estimated population of 200,000. So far as is known, Amsterdam originated as a small fishing village in the 13th century ad. The early modern Olympics used to feature an art competition, with sections dedicated to literature, graphic art, music and more. Many sites were near fields growing food or near water supplies. – Source. EVERYONE IS A GIANT. This is due to the traditionally large Jewish population of Amsterdam, which was decimated during WWII. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, but the Dutch government's seat is in The... Amsterdam Population. Before the Second World War, there were about 140,000 Jews living in Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s coat of arms dates from thi… Basic facts about Amsterdam Amsterdam in numbers. is in no way affiliated with Holland America Line® or Carnival Corp® and should be considered an enthusiasts or hobbyists collection. By closing this message and continuing to use the site you consent to cookie use by Amsterdam Facts: Originally named Amstelredamme because of its origins as a small fishing village located alongside a dam on the Amstel River in the latter half of the 12th century, Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, a small country in northern Europe. Amsterdam is the capital and largest city in the Netherlands, with a population of about 1,500,000. James immediately sent four English frigates into New Amsterdam in 1664 and demanded New Netherland’s surrender. Some interesting figures on how many bicycles, bridges, canals, cinemas or markets one can find in Amsterdam, as well as some statistics about the tourists and day visitors to Amsterdam. Just like Tel Aviv in Israel, Amsterdam's nickname is 'Mokum', which is the Hebrew word for "place" or "city". In Amsterdam, over 200 types of psychoactive mushrooms were banned from sale in 2008, so the shop owners began legally selling truffles, which are byproducts of these same mushrooms and contain the same psychoactive drug. Cookies may be placed by third parties. A Dutch holiday can add a festive note to your trip, particularly if it involves a parade or special observance somewhere in the country. For must see and travel recommendations, check our Cityguide to discover the hidden treasures Amsterdam has to offer! It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, receiving more than 4.5 million tourists annually. Copyright © 2020. – Source, 12. Amsterdam information From its humble beginnings as a 13th-century fishing village on a river bed to its current role as a major hub for business, tourism and culture, Amsterdam has had a strong tradition as a centre of culture and commerce. – Source, 8. They had no choice but to comply. – Source, 3. Here are my 10 friendly facts about Amsterdam. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are … Here are 29 Interesting Amsterdam facts. The air is relatively humid and fog is common in autumn and spring. Buildings in Amsterdam lean inwards not due to a trick of the eye or bad architecture, but because it makes it easier to hoist furniture up if the buildings are slightly slanted. His last words were, “Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards.” – Source, 2. 1. Population: 851 000 (January 1st, 2017); Amsterdam urban area population: 1,3 million Country: The Netherlands Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1Telephone area code: 020. To its north and west is the North Sea. The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history. Amsterdam is the nominal capital of the Netherlands but not the seat of government, which is The Hague. After the war, Amsterdam became a centre of tolerance and culture; to be different is not abnormal in Amsterdam. The symbol of Amsterdam are three x shaped Saint Andrew crosses. The toilets at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport pass the white-glove test. amsterdam&partners uses cookies on to analyse usage of the website and to enable content sharing on social media. In the 13th century, Amsterdam was a small fishing village located behind a dyke/dam which protected them from the water from the Amstel river. The National Monument on the Dam Square, Amsterdam does not only have urns filled with War Cemetery soil to remember those that died during the WWII but also has an urn to remember those who died during the Indonesian War of Independence. Later, taxes were determined based on the width of the house, which is the reason many houses in Amsterdam are so narrow, some of them narrowest in the world. There are stronger winds from October to March. Their fluency in English can impress the visitors. – Source, 4. See also our new webcam. Houses in Amsterdam have narrow windows because owners wanted to avoid high taxes. The royal family, for example, is only occasionally in residence at the Royal Palace, on the square known as the Dam, in Amsterdam. Pictures of Amsterdam now available free for your web site. KickassFacts - Fact Encyclopedia. The first ‘Amsterdammers’ were fishermen and merchants who got freedom of toll from Count Floris the 5th. Amsterdam's Jewish population suffered catastrophic loss in the Holocaust - a part of history familiar to many young readers through the famous diary of Anne Frank, who hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam. 11 Interesting Facts About Amsterdam Open-hearted, welcoming, and prosperous, Amsterdam is a good-time city in Netherlands that merrily opens its arms to all arrivals. – Source, 11. Most of those people did not survive the war. You can read more about it here. … The word Mokum originates from the Hebrew word “makom”, which means place. Facts about Amsterdam 1: Language The most commonly spoken language in Amsterdam is Dutch, followed by English and German. Prices, duration of the... Amsterdam Municipality. The city was founded in the early 14th century, and by the 17th century it was the richest city in the world. Here are some facts about Amsterdam. He was arrested & executed. If you die in Amsterdam without any friends or family left to attend your funeral, a poet will write a poem for you and recite it at your funeral. – Source, 24. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE CURTAINS. More information The council is the highest authority in the city of Amsterdam and is responsible for all important decisions. This is much more compared to 800,000 (a bit more) people, who live in Amsterdam. A realistic looking housefly is painted inside the men urinals so that men will aim at the fly and try to wash it down the drain. – Source, 14. A lot of poles. Amsterdam pays alcoholics with beer for gathering rubbish. Prices, duration of the courses and quality of the courses vary, however, they are nevertheless all helpful for acquiring the native language of the Dutch. This is why Amsterdam is so popular with lovers of architecture. – Source, 7. Amsterdam might be best-known for its historic step-gabled dwellings, but the Dutch capital is not one to rest on its architectural laurels. You can book a local guide to take you on a private tour of Amsterdam here. 20 Fun Facts about Amsterdam 1. The city lacks the monumental architecture found in other capitals. 1. The city of Amsterdam has 756.500 inhabitants. Amsterdam is the 1st Venice. While Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, the Dutch government and parliament are located in The Hague. Willem Arondeus was a Homosexual Dutch anti-Nazi fighter who bombed the Amsterdam Public Records Office to hinder the Nazi identification of Jews. If you find any inaccuracies on our pages please let us know at – Source, 21. Now there are several agencies intermediating jobs for the international companies, where knowledge of Dutch language is not required. Amsterdam is surrounded by a 135 km long ring of fortifications consisting of 42 forts and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the years following the war, the city's demographics began to take a very different shape. It will then hold almost 900,000 people, and the … – Source, 20. The ship was not denied access to get rid of the waste in Amsterdam. Amsterdam communities. Content. is your prime source for museum tickets, discount card and pass, city tours and day trips, canal cruises, airport transfer, parking, train tickets and much more. In Amsterdam the Latin phrase: Homo sapiens non urinat in ventum stands on the facade of some pillars which means: a wise man does not urinate against the wind. – Source, 13. For this reason, the tram line was discontinued in 1942 and the number 8 will never be used as a tram line number again. An overview of institutions providing Dutch lessons in Amsterdam. Quirky Facts that Make Amsterdam Unique. The fly-in-urinal research found that the etching reduced spillage by 80 percent. There is this legend that two fishermen found the city of Amsterdam, but more official, it goes back to the year 1275. On this page we give you an overview of some general information and fun facts about Amsterdam. If you want to know the exact numbers, read more about it in Amsterdam Tourism Facts. Finished in October 2013, the park cut the noise level in half almost immediately. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in the world. The Netherlands is a country situated in Western Europe, bordering Belgium to the south and Germany to the east. The Anne Frank House is the third most popular museum in Amsterdam — after the van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. What’s the stupidest thing someone has said to you with confidence? Last year Amsterdam tourism brought over 17 million people to the city. However, by spending a few days in this fascinating city we did learn some interesting and random facts about Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum gives out notebooks and pencils on Saturdays so visitors will put their phones away and experience art by sketching, because “you see more when you draw”. – Source, 9. The warmest weather is from June to August, with temperatures between 21 - 26 degrees Celsius. The museum is located at the Museum Square in the borough Amsterdam South. Number 24 is inaccurate based on your source. Willem Arondeus was a Homosexual Dutch anti-Nazi fighter who bombed the Amsterdam Public Records Office to hinder the Nazi identification of Jews. 1-5 Amsterdam Facts 1. To find a job in Amsterdam might be a difficult task, especially for a non-Dutch speaker. There is a cat sanctuary in Amsterdam which floats, and you can pet the cats there. 1. In 2006, the Probo Koala, a Greek waste vessel, attempted to dispose of hydrogen sulfide in Amsterdam, but after being denied access, it disposed of the highly toxic waste in over 14 dump sites in the poor suburbs of Ivory Coast. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam With a population of around 11,000 in 1514, Amsterdam [2] ranked among the middling towns of Europe [3] at the close of the Middle Ages [4]. Amsterdam facts about history, geography, food and much more One of the things I love the most about planning a trip with my kids is to research fun facts about our destination. If you walk around Amsterdam, you soon start to notice that nobody draws their curtains. Advice: New talents you can learn with little to no equipments. Bikes in Amsterdam. Information On Amsterdam - Amsterdam Facts on People, History, Economy, etc. – Source, 10. The name of the city was born. – Source, 17. At ... 2. Lots and lots and lots of wooden poles. The Amsterdam Olympic stadium is actually a gold medal winner for architecture. … Most interesting and fun facts about Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam has two research universities and several schools of higher professional education offering programmes from Dentistry to Arts and Design. – Source, 25. Simply because we have more canals- (and drowned bikes in said canals)- than the charming romantic city in Italy. © 2003-var year = new Date(); document.write(year.getFullYear()); Amsterdam is a city which is built on poles. Amsterdam - Amsterdam - History: Although modern historians do not exclude the possibility that during the Roman period some form of settlement existed at the mouth of the Amstel River, no evidence of one has ever been found. All content has been provided by individuals who have cruised on the various ships of Holland America Line®. To deal with the heavy influx of cars into a city that had no large car parks, the organizers of the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam marked off certain areas with a blue sign containing a white “P”, in doing so creating the international symbol for parking. Amsterdam is located in the province ‘Noord-Holland’, situated in the west. In March 2007, a statue was erected outside of Amsterdam to honor and “Respect sex workers all over the world.” – Source, 19.

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